The Company

Since we founded Heany Industries as a
materials engineering company in 1932,
we had one goal in mind: to manufacture
industry-leading products and solutions
engineered to last.

That goal endures today in everything we do.

Our proprietary ceramics are specially
formulated to wear longer..not simply wear out.

Our engineered coatings provide a protective
shield for critical systems and engines that defy
the elements…inside and out.

Our translucent dental zirconia puts teeth into dental restorations that are a shade better …in every way.

And our technology support services are customized to offer solutions that meet your exacting needs…down to every detail.

Put Heany to work for you…and benefit from 82 years of wear-resistant innovations.

Come inside and see what goes into each Heany product and service, who relies on our materials engineering solutions, where you can find us and why Heany’s signature made in America brand is the first choice for innovative wear applications.

A lasting legacy of success for products that are long lasting.

Heany excellence is at the heart of every project we undertake. We first made our mark in industrial ceramics with our patented Heanium® parts two years after we opened our doors to the textile industry in 1932. It wasn’t just the distinctive magenta pink color that made our ceramics stand out from the rest. It’s the materials excellence we put into everything we do that has made us an industry leader for 82 years.

We have the vision to see where industry is going. And the patented wear solutions to keep it moving forward. Innovation drives us forward.

Patented technologies keep us in the forefront of the industries we serve. We were the first to patent a powdered industrial ceramic that’s still tough to beat today and is the ceramic of choice in the wire/cable industries for wear resistance.
Heany also patented a Telecom Fuse Body for over-voltage protection for all tip and ring applications. In the Diesel Industry, we developed and patented a spherical slip joint for use in a Diesel EGR system. Innovation keeps us in the forefront.

People who engineer materials solutions custom made for our customers.

We’re an engineering company with a team of materials experts who thrive on making things work, then making them work better. Our management philosophy is not top down, but hands-on, starting with our company president whose grandfather was a noted inventor and patent-holder himself with a legacy of innovations in the dental and automotive industries.

We work knowledgeably alongside research engineers, machinists, technicians and sales professionals well versed in the custom applications Heany excels in. Our staff stands ready to offer you materials solutions that raise the bar in quality performance; give us a call at 585.889.2700 or contact us here and put 82 years of expertise at your service.

A Commitment to Quality that Outlasts the Competition

Second best doesn’t cut it at Heany. We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class products, services and solutions that exceed customer expectations… and meet exacting industry specifications. Our manufacturing plant is modern and has numerous Quality Certifications in Coatings and Ceramics.

Our Aerospace Quality System (AC7004) is NADCAP certified, and we are NADCAP certified in Coatings. Further, our Metallographic Laboratory is NADCAP certified as well. Our Dental Division is FDA 510K registered.

Our industrial ceramics, including Heanium and ceramic zirconia, are built to stand tough, no matter the environment. At Heany, quality is built into everything we manufacture and stand for… which is why we are known for delivering innovation materials solutions that outlast the competition. And it’s right here in America where our products are made.

Our Divisions

To best serve our customers’ specialized needs, Heany’s Coatings, Ceramics, Technology Support Services and Luxisse Dental divisions offer customized products and support solutions for a variety of industrial, biomedical, and aerospace applications. Together, we provide the world¹s foremost companies with materials engineering solutions that keep industries moving forward for the long haul.



Technology Support Services

Luxisse Dental Zirconia


Lab Day, Chicago
February 21-22, 2014
Chicago, IL

Southeastern Conference of
Dental Labs
March 28-29, 2014
Atlanta, GA

Lab Day East, LMT Magazine
April 4-5, 2014

Mid American Dental Technology
Symposium & Expo
April 11-12, 2014
Indianapolis, IN

Wire Expo Indianapolis- WAI
May 6-7. 2014
Indianapolis, IN

Southern States Symposium & Expo
Florida Dental Lab Assoc.
May 9-10, 2014
Orlando, FL

Lab Day West, LMT Magazine
May 16-17, 2014
Anaheim, CA

Northland Exhibition
Midwest Dental Lab Assoc.
Welch, MN

ECDL Show, Eastern
Conference of Dental Labs
November 7-8. 2014
Concord, NH

CAD CAM Symposium
Dental Lab Owners
Assoc. of Calif
November 14-15, 2014
Anaheim, CA

Interwire 2015 Atlanta
April 28-30, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Contact Us

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Fax (585) 889-2708
For more information, visit 
or call 585-889- 2700 to speak with one of
Heany sales experts.

Contact: or 
585-889-2700 c.585-727-4713.


Ceramics Made in America, Made to Last

We manufacture and stock tens of thousands of standard parts for all textile, wire and fiber optic manufacturing machines. And we have the ability to custom make thousands more. We make our ceramics in-house at our plant in Scottsville, New York, building them to stand tough, no matter what the environment.Click for Ceramic Catalog.

Our Heanium (high purity alumina oxide) and Zirconia ceramics are specifically formulated for industrial applications where wear and corrosion resistance are critical for long-lasting optimum performance. Parts made of Heanium and Zirconia can withstand operating temperatures up to 2900 degrees Fahrenheit, maintaining their hardness, dimensions and stability in virtually every work environment. Special finishing techniques ensure ultra-smooth contact surfaces to protect against damage to sensitive products like fine wire, thread, medical fiber and fiber optics.

Our custom services enable us to extrude, injection mold, dry press, isostatic press and machine our ceramic components to make any part you need, from simple eyelets to complex guides. Additionally, we have the tooling, equipment and expertise to produce and assemble any number of retrofit parts and modifications to suit any application.


Heany leads the industry in the design and application of proprietary performance coatings for a diverse range of industrial applications. Our Coatings Division provides over 100 application specific thermal spray coatings for the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, chemical, diesel, steel, textile and wire industries using Wire Arc, Plasma, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and Activated Combustion (AC) HVAF technologies.

Heany is an approved supplier for GE Aviation and Parker Aerospace coatings used in both commercial and military aircraft engines. Our Aerospace Quality System (AC7004) is NADCAP certified, and we are NADCAP certified in Coatings. Further our Metallographic Laboratory is NADCAP certified as well. Current GE approvals include F50TF77- Class-A and F50TF45- Class-B coatings.

Support Facilities
To further increase product staying power, our in-house machine shop canprovide complete fabrication in support of coating requirements. We can also offer super finishing services, precision grinding and component fabrication. Our metallographic laboratory will ensure top-tier coating quality.

Technology Support

Our experienced staff of engineers and technicians stands behind our products and coatings, offering a full range of support services to meet your individual needs.

Our custom services enable us to extrude, injection mold, dry press, isostatic press and machine our ceramic components to make any part you need, from simple eyelets to complex guides. Plus, we have the tooling, equipment and expertise to produce and assemble any number of retrofit parts and modifications to suit any application.

We offer super finishing services, precision grinding and component fabrication to coated surfaces to improve durability and extend the performance of your critical industrial parts.

Plus, our customers benefit from the exacting testing requirements of our professionally staffed in-house metallographic laboratory to ensure quality coatings that are customengineered for your industrial needs


Luxisse Dental Zirconia Division

Clearly, the best choice in dental zirconia

Luxisse is Heany’s all-ceramic core material made of zirconium oxide that is manufactured specifically for use in dental restorations.

We provide dental labs with high quality Zirconia cylinders, disks and blocks for all dental CAD/CAM milling systems. We utilize only the best available Zirconia powder for our dental restoration products and employ our isostatic press to create uniformly pressed ceramic blocks from dry Tosoh zirconia powder. Our products are made in America at our Scottsville, New York manufacturing facility, are all FDA registered and approved and available for custom milling and fabrication in dental labs.

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